We all know how to put a bra on, but do we really know how to put a bra on?! Keep reading to make sure you are doing all of these things!

Strap Check:
Adjust the straps. They should sit taut over your shoulders, providing optimal support without digging or sagging.

Scoop and Place:
Don't just put your bra on; put yourself in your bra. Use your hands to scoop up your breast tissue, placing it on top of the underwire and in the center of the cup. A little shimmy may be required!

Underwire Wisdom:
The underwire should encircle it all, cupping your breast tissue from breastbone to side boob. If it cuts into your side or cleavage, go up a cup size. If there's extra fabric and the underwire reaches your armpit, go down a cup size.

Remember, it's not just about putting on a bra – it's about finding the perfect fit that makes you feel fabulous. Happy fitting!
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