Life Mentor + Ski Instructor

If you want to find Bre, just look for a smiling woman in a unicorn suit (and gold gold bra), leading the charge of women, synchronized skiing down Alyeska Ski Area in Girdwood, Alaska.

Afterwards, you can join Bre for a cold plunge to continue this euphoric state that YOU will never want to end. Truly, Bre is that person that once you spend time with her, you will only long for more. Supportive, athletic, a great listener, and she will always be there to cheer you on…what more could you ask for?!

Bre is a ski mentor in our Alaskan community, that wants all individuals, especially children, to have access to skiing. By training Bre, is a master level alpine ski coach/ski instructor, that has travelled to remote Alaskan villages to help kids to nordic ski.

These children may have never had access to this sport without Bre’s help. Additionally, with the Four Valleys Organization, Bre has established a kindergarden nordic ski group and a running group!

Bre can also be found instructing the Women’s Wednesday ski group at Alyeska, that helps build confidence and skiing skills with the support of other women. Bre believes that a warm, encouraging coaching relationship is the key.

Bre’s positive coaching style provides “tools in your toolbox” to help not only with skiing, but throughout your life. She creates a safe space where one can be vulnerable through connectivity, fluidity, and fun.

This is Bre. #IAMALASKA

What are you excited about right now?

Kids on any type of skis. All kids, not just my own. Cold-dipping with women. Synchro skiing with anyone that's willing (just do it, you know you want to!)

After reading the email we sent describing this project, how does the phrase “I AM ALASKA” resonate/mean to you?

Alaska is amazing, and what really makes it special are all the awesome people that live here. I am Alaska and you are Alaska and we are Alaska!

Favorite morning ritual?

Overserving myself oat milk lattes, packing a big lunch and some bomb ass snacks and doing a big hike.

What do you love to do when no one is around?

I like to make a shroom tea, put on a Mountain Tunic and some music and pet my cat. 

Why Alaska?

I was born and raised here and even though I’ve left for chunks of time I could never stay away permanently. 

What do you love about living in AK?

The mountains. The water. The lack of people and of course, the people. We’re independent yet we need community and a sense of belonging more than ever!

What is your favorite SWOOP product?

I adore my Mountain Tunic but I’m obsessed with the Flow Pants. It’s a good thing I don’t own any (yet) because I would never take them off and it would become an issue.

Share any memories of a great day in a SWOOP product.

One time I turned 40 and I rallied some friends for a little event I called Burning Mom. It’s like Burning Man only way better. I took a break from dancing and put down my seltzer beer spiked with hashade.

Jumped in the ocean, then came back and put on my gold SWOOP bra and unicorn suit. Took a refreshing shot of my friend’s breastmilk, because someone dared me to and also, why not? But this story stays between me and you and the SWOOP community!!

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I wanted to think outside the box on this one. Because we are so much more than our accomplishments, our worth doesn’t come from what we do but from who we are and the love we give to each other and ourselves. But it turns out I’m not that deep and I’m really proud of hiking up the North Face plus Mighty Mite ten times in ten hours. Afterwards I found my husband and told him, seriously, that I thought I was near death. He handed me a Powerade and told me to sit down. Anyway, I didn’t die.

Words to live by/favorite motivational saying/quote/advice?

“Don’t believe everything you think.” 

What advice would you give your 25 yr old self?

Therapy is a good thing when you’re ready…

Surprise skill: Jump rope. For realz

Favorite superhero: Captain Marvel

Favorite/current song on repeat: The Motto

Favorite space in your home: Nature

Favorite space in your home: My son’s bottom bunk when he’s not home.

What is your favorite month in AK: Any month but December. Fuck December.

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