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Definition of a unicorn: “a person, or thing that is rare and highly valued.” We could not describe Brooke Edwards any better. When we first met Brooke, our first thoughts were energy, growth, freedom, expansion, unicorn.

Brooke is completely 100% a truly unique individual. Brooke is a woman who is comfortable with who she is, and makes you feel comfortable because of it. Brooke represents freedom and courage to be exactly who you are meant to be.

Brooke is not just a woman who sits on the sidelines and cheers you on (although, she absolutely would). She is the one at the forefront tearing down every mountain, forging every river, and does so with a huge smile on her face. Her energy for living life to its fullest is contagious and she will leave you feeling like you need to come back for more.

Owner and operator of Wild World Wanderings Brooke is a Ski Guide, Avalanche Educator, Adventure Concierge, and so much more. She is YOUR advocate for FUN + ADVENTURE in the mountains….”Because the world isn’t going to explore itself!”

We would like to introduce our majestically beautiful and powerful unicorn. This is Brooke. #IAMALASKA

What does “I AM ALASKA” mean to you?

Recently, I adopted a client into my home as it was his first trip to AK and his buddy ditched him. He booked me for just a day of BC ski guiding, but I had him park his RV at my cabin, I fed him dinners and breakfasts and showed him Alyeska and brought him to music. He was floored with my hospitality, when I just think, that's what it means to be welcome people in, you show genuine generosity of home and spirit. Alaska breeds renaissance people, hearty and resilient, but also open hearted and communally minded.

What are you most excited about right now?

SPRING! And all the adventures it brings of long light in the mountains and people emerging from their hidey holes. I went out to music last night, and everyone was like: "Welcome Back!" and I kept thinking ... but I've been here all winter (but I guess they were right, I've been a hermit in my cozy cabin and now is the time for re-emergence into the world!)

What is your favorite SWOOP. product?

ALL of them! I feel like wonder woman when I wear my combo tiger bra and undies OR unicorn bra and undies and my "off duty bra model" trucker hat always makes me giggle with pride!

What is your favorite memory wearing SWOOP product.

Last year, I was working as a heli ski guide for Valdez Heli Ski Guides and a lot of the women at the lodge had been interested in SWOOP so I helped them order bras. Then I got to guide a day that was just female staff and they all were rocking their SWOOP bras.

It was a gorgeous spring day and we had a sports bra picnic dance party around the heli for lunch! So so much fun, so empowering and my favorite day of heli guiding last year!

What gives you inner strength?

Other women and their strength/joy/beauty/confidence that they radiate. It inspires me to be my best self and truly and authentically shine.

Favorite motivational saying?

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -- Mae West.

Why Alaska? 

AK is the great equalizer... it crosses all politically and socio-economic divides, because Alaska is always in charge: whether it's avalanches closing the road, volcanos shutting down air travel, epic storms, maurading bears....AK decides the outcome for your day and that keeps me feeling very ALIVE and in the present moment and super respectful and in constant awe of nature.  

What keeps you in Alaska? 

The wild beauty takes my breath away on the daily.  I never take it for granted.  I am a deep lover of wilderness and there is no greater wild spirit than AK herself. 

Surprise skill: Juggling

Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman

Current song on repeat: I am resilient by Rising Appalachia (see below)

Who inspires you: YOU DO! (Virginia Lynn Peterson, creator of SWOOP.)

Favorite space in your home: My cozy bed

Favorite month in AK: My birthday month!! April!!!  

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