Founder Turnstone Farms + Remarkable Entrepreneur
(Cherry Bomb Bra + Pants)
Meet Greta – a remarkable entrepreneur whose vibrant spirit shines through her floral creations and her deep love for Alaska. As the mastermind behind business, Turnstone Farm, Greta channels her passion into every bouquet, creating works of art that embody beauty, elegance, and sustainability. Greta's business is a reflection of her commitment to excellence, with INCREDIBLY beautiful bouquets and unparalleled quality that exceed expectations.  With Turnstone Farm, Greta offers more than just floral arrangements – she invites you to express your most beautiful self, honor your loved ones, and tread lightly on the planet with earth-friendly products and growing practices. 

But Greta's journey is more than just about flowers – it's about embracing the spirit of Alaska and living life to the fullest. Behind Greta's calm exterior lies a brilliant mind and a creative soul.  Greta embodies the essence of a powerful woman on a mission.  Rooted in Alaska, Greta finds inspiration in the constant seasonal change and the unique dynamics of life in the Last Frontier. With strong family ties and an outdoor lifestyle, Alaska is not just a place to live – it's home, filled with love and cherished memories.

Greta is a force to be reckoned with – inspiring others to embrace their own strength, passion, and inner beauty.

This is Greta. #IAMALASKA

(Cherry Bomb Bra + Pants)

What are you excited about right now?

I’m pretty much in constant excitement about my business. It gives me drive and motivation every day. And I’ve really gotten into strength training so I can usually get all excited about that too.

After reading the email we sent describing this project, how does the phrase “I AM ALASKA” resonate/mean to you?

I think Alaskans embody an ethos unlike anywhere else. There’s a drive and energy that is compelling. I also think there’s a lot of room here for creativity. With a small population and lots of natural spaces, creativity can blossom as spontaneously.

(Paige Brady Design Pant coming soon!)

Why Alaska?

One of my favorite parts of Alaska is the constant seasonal change and the deep swings from darkness to light. It reminds me that the only thing constant in life is change. The seasons keep things dynamic and exciting. The mania of summer and the hibernation of winter complement each other perfectly.

What keeps you in Alaska?

After living outside for some time I realized what a precious place Alaska is. The outdoor lifestyle, no or little traffic, the ability to find free camping, and almost endless oceans, and mountains. I could spend multiple lifetimes here.

Family also plays a big part of my reason for staying. My children get to grow up with three grandparents, aunties and cousins nearby. So thankful!

(Paige Brady Design Pant coming soon!)

What is your favorite SWOOP product?

The bras are amazing!

How did you discover SWOOP?

Lynn, Founder of SWOOP, and I were vendors together at the Fire Island Farmers Market. Lynn and her products are magnetic!

(Cherry Bomb Bra + Pants)

What do you do to be your best self/what is your self care routine?

 Daily thought management. It’s free. And it can transform any experience or situation into an opportunity to learn and grow.

(Cherry Bomb Bra + Pants)

(Turnstone Farm)

Favorite morning ritual?

Coffee and blogging for 30 minutes. I set my timer, start writing and blogs just write themselves every 3 days! It’s amazing.

(Turnstone FarmCherry Bomb Bra + Pants)

Surprise Skill: Tortilla making

Favorite Superhero: Captain underpants

Favorite Song on Repeat: Anything by Meshell Ndegeocello (see below or check out our ongoing playlist on Spotify #iamalaska)

Who Inspires YOU: inspires you: Dolly pardon

Favorite Space in Your House: Coffee nook

What is your Favorite Month in AK:  March: the light is back, it’s time to start planting and skiing is amazing.  October: it’s time to relax, read a book and wind down after a wild and manic summer.

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