Competitive Cross Country Skier + Lover of Life

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Meet Hailey – a remarkable blend of smarts, humor, excitement, and boundless energy. Spending time with her is an absolute delight, as we've had the pleasure of discovering. Hailey's journey traces back to the mountains of Carbondale, Colorado, where she found her love for skiing, a passion that blossomed into a remarkable career. Despite initial hesitations, she embraced cross-country skiing, eventually becoming a prominent figure in the sport. Now, with a civil engineering degree under her belt, Hailey's transitioning away from her skiing career, eagerly embracing new opportunities and adventures that life has to offer.

For her, Alaska isn't just a place; it's a community where solidarity and camaraderie thrive, where outdoor adventures beckon, and where every day brings the promise of new discoveries. Her decision to come to Alaska was fueled by her passion for collegiate skiing, and it's a decision she's never regretted. Alaska's allure lies in its breathtaking landscapes, its vibrant outdoor culture, and above all, its sense of belonging – a feeling that Hailey cherishes deeply.

Hailey believes in the power of authenticity and self-awareness. Her inner strength isn't derived from toughness but from vulnerability and staying true to herself. As she navigates life's challenges, she finds solace in reading, cooking, and the simple joys of everyday moments. With her unwavering spirit and infectious zest for life, Hailey continues to inspire those around her, reminding us all to embrace our journeys with courage, authenticity, and a dash of adventure.

This is Hailey. #IAMALASKA

 (Trickster Skier Bra + SWOOP Lounge Pants Coming Soon!)

What are you excited about right now?

I’m excited about continuing the journey that is the transition away from my skiing career. It’s so special to have more bandwidth to build community, invest in community, and be open to all kinds of opportunities that arise in this season of life. I’m excited to keep on the lookout for the next dream my heart wants to chase. Oh... and I’m pretty excited for long spring days in the backcountry ;) 

After reading the email we sent describing this project, how does the phrase “I AM ALASKA” resonate/mean to you?

I love this phrase! At first, it felt intimidating to me, because embodying all that Alaska represents felt like something I could never live up to. Now, though, I see “I AM ALASKA” as the beautiful combination of women that make our state so special. Each person brings something different, and has the space to show up exactly as they are. “I AM ALASKA” helps us celebrate each of the unique interests, strengths, and skills that the women of Alaska bring to the table. Women supporting women!! Women bringing other women up with them!! 

 (Trickster Skier Bra + SWOOP Lounge Pants Coming Soon!)

Why Alaska? 

There’s nowhere else I’d like to be more ;) There’s something special about the community here: an unspoken sense that we are all in this together and need each other because it’s much harder to face Alaska alone. I love the outdoor access from big multi-day adventures to after work skis on the single track trails. We are so lucky to be here!

Why did you come to Alaska? 

I came to Alaska to race for  the Nordic team at UAA. I knew I wanted to try collegiate skiing, and nowhere felt like home quite like Alaska did. It was the best decision I could have made!


  (Trickster Skier Bra + SWOOP Lounge Pants Coming Soon!)

What is your favorite SWOOP. Product?

As a member of the IBTC, the SWOOP bras are simply unbeatable. 

How did you discover SWOOP?

I found SWOOP at the Alaska State fair and immediately fell in love!!

 (Trickster Skier Bra + SWOOP Lounge Pants Coming Soon!)

What gives you inner strength?

 I used to think inner strength came from being tough. I’m learning now that my inner strength comes from being sensitive, aware, and true to myself. I’m still on the journey--and will be forever-- to tap into my highest self and discover the depth of inner strength that exists deep down.   

  (Trickster Skier Bra + SWOOP Lounge Pants Coming Soon!)

What do you love to do when no one is around?

I love to read or listen to podcasts and cook a good meal :) 

Surprise skill: Knowing how to fly a plane!

Favorite superhero: My mom :)

Favorite/current song on repeat: I usually listen to the radio, soooo.... Whatever’s playing!? Radio ads!? Sue me! 

Who inspires you: Anyone in my life I see doing the tough and important work of self reflection and growth toward their highest selves.

Favorite space in your home: Kitchen!

What is your favorite month in AK:  March, babyyyy!

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