Plant + Wetland Seeker 

“Sue, your smile is vivacious and contagious.” is a quote from one of our followers describing Sue Ives, + we couldn’t agree more!  Just try to wrangle this Alaskan woman. She spends most of her summer sleeping in a tent fending off mosquitos and most of her winter with ski boots strapped to her feet. 

Sue can either fix your car or knit you a sweater both with equal prowess.  An ecologist by trade, wild by spirit. Basically Sue is that person you want on any Alaskan adventure as she will keep your spirits high, always a team player, + there when you need her.  Sue is leading the forefront for women by being strong, bold, and unapologetic. This is Sue. #IAMALASKA

What are you excited about right now?

SUMMERTIME!!! Like most (all?) Alaskans, when the days get long and the trees leaf out, I can't help but get excited about summer adventures! It's my busy season for work so most of my adventures will be professional rather than recreational, but there are so many neat places I'm excited to see this summer!

After reading the email we sent describing this project, how does the phrase “I AM ALASKA” resonate/mean to you?

The project resonates with me because you seem focused on the personal attributes of Alaskan women, and what allows them to be happy and fulfilled. There are plenty of brands that are more focused on insta-worthy photos, and so can lead to highlighting women of a certain aesthetic. Projects like this will draw from a broader segment of women, which I think is important for visual representation (i.e. you don't have to be an unblemished XS to proudly wear this product) and will introduce us all to some pretty amazing folks.

What keeps you in Alaska?

I have a really great community of friends here, and I can't imagine being without them!

What do you love about living in AK?

Being here gives me the opportunity to get out into some incredible landscapes, everything from coastal forests in the southeast to treeless tundra up north. There's so much to see and learn about here, and the people I've met across the state have been unfailingly helpful.

What is your favorite SWOOP. product?

The flow pants!!! I love everything about them--the flattering fit, the colorful fabric, and they're so comfortable! They've been my morning go-to for drinking coffee.

What do you do to be your best self/what is your self care routine?

I've never considered myself particularly introspective, but I do find that I'm my best self when I make the effort to set aside a little time to have a quiet, solo evening. Often this means playing some jazz on the radio, drinking a glass of wine, and either working on or dreaming up my next knitting project. I find it a very centering way to decompress from whatever else is happening in the world.

Favorite morning ritual?

Walking around the backyard with a hot cup of coffee, listening to the birds in the trees and poking around in the flower beds.

Surprise skill: keg stands

Favorite superhero: wonder woman

Favorite/current song on repeat: Metropole by Anomalie

Who inspires you: Stacey Abrams

Favorite space in your home: backyard patio

What is your favorite month in AK: March

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