Meet Madison - Professional Body Piercer

California-born artist living in Alaska, bringing the sunshine where she goes with a beaming sunny smile and sparkles in her midst. Her expertise is within the body art industry, working since 2015 and performing body piercing in Anchorage for the past three years.

Thriving on connection inside her community, she builds a sense of comfort and trust with her easy-going attitude. She believes in freedom, beauty, truth and love above all things. “I enjoy the canvas of the human body. We exist to experiment ourselves and express our being through various art forms.

I’ve gained confidence and strength in my life by taking aerial acrobatic classes and performing burlesque. Explore yourself and explore your world, more than the physical elements, we are connected through body, mind and soul.

I am honored to perform a modification ritual with each of my clients who choose to change their appearance through body piercing.” Madison is committed to enjoying Alaska and the magic it has to offer, reveling in a “Thumbelina” view of life, feeling so small in a wondrous big world. This is Madison. #IAMALASKA’

What does “I AM ALASKA” mean to you?

When I read "I am Alaska" I think about what it takes to build a community. Firstly, recognizing the indigenous communities that came before us. Alaska is an amazing blend of backgrounds, personalities and beauty.

I am in awe every time I look out of my window at this grand landscape. I've met many incredible individuals in my three years of residing here and have surrounded myself with positive, hard-working, like-minded people. I found solace in the burlesque, aerial, and body modification family.

What are you most excited about right now?

I'm so excited for my career! I have a new found sense of confidence performing the tasks that make me feel fulfilled. I am a professional body piercer and I work very intimately with my clients.

There is an exchange of energy, a ritual full of sensations and emotions, and an outcome of a changed body. I commend all types of bodies and all different anatomies. My job is to create an aesthetically pleasing modification that heals successfully.

I love to play with all the sparkly gems and jewelry while making others smile in the mirror, remembering a moment of bravery. Coming up soon I will be traveling for my first guest spot in Ohio, then attending our annual Association of Professional Piercers conference in Vegas.

How did you discover SWOOP?

I first heard about SWOOP through my burlesque family, Sweet Cheeks Cabaret. There was an outreach to look for models to attend the Trend Alaska Fashion Show. Now, I don't consider myself a model - I'm just here to live life, embrace my joy, and have a good time.

After looking at SWOOP's website, I got a warm and fuzzy feeling. I threw my name into the hat and was received to walk a runaway in my underwear in front of 500 people. That's a bit different than dancing in a dark basement full of burlesque costumes and glitter. The fashion show is easily one of my favorite memories I've ever created while living in Alaska, I met a fun bunch of people and had a joyous time while feeling like a million bucks!

The products we all modeled were crafted expertly, with utmost care and comfort. I do struggle finding comfortable bras since I had an augmentation. I've gone through handfuls of bras trying to find something that fits adequately. From the fabrics, to the cuts and stretch ability, SWOOP undies are a miracle. I can't wait to collect more designs!

What makes you feel strong + confident?

I feel the strongest and most confident when I can surprise myself with my own abilities. Doing aerial and circus arts, I'm exerting my physical body into new shapes and pushing boundaries I didn't know existed.

The strength I feel after landing a move that I practiced over and over until I bruised is glorious. Hearing people applause and compliment my singing during burlesque was validating. I'm a shy singer and performer, but I am learning to embrace my qualities and be proud of what makes me unique.

Transmuting a client's anxieties about a piercing into a positive experience ignites my soul. Celebrating your capabilities to overcome obstacles throughout life, and sharing your knowledge with the world is the key to fulfillment.

What gives you inner strength?

For inspiration, I love a good musical movie! Call me a nerd or a songbird, but if you can sing from your heart to express a plethora of different emotions, you can get through the days. Whether you're sad, happy, vengeful or longing - music is a universal language.

My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, and I live by the words that come from this film, "Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love."

I hold these morals to the highest degree that I have the words tattooed on my forehead, yes you read that right. I begin and end my day with music, I hear the sounds over my running bath water and spinning tires on roadtrips.

My strength comes from being able to express myself through different medias, music being the holy grail.

Surprise skill: Tongue clover

Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman

Favorite/current song on repeat: Hypothetical by Lake Shore Drive.

Who inspires you: Virginia Lynn Peterson, creator of SWOOP

Favorite space in your home: Any cozy spot with a snuggly cat

Favorite month in Alaska: August!

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